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Cloth Face Masks

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Ok, so here we go….

We weren’t going to make masks. Then some of Bob’s friends asked him to make some for them and he did.

And so then their friends wanted some and, well, jeez!, now we’re making masks.

BUT this is how it’s going to be and how it is at present – we are at least one week behind, we have no stock left but we have cut fabric and are making more. Urgently!

There are two styles – Fitted (as in the picture) and the more common pleated version (no, we don’t have a picture yet). There will be Kids sizes in both styles but not yet, give us a few more days on that one.

All are made featuring Bob’s prints, all are triple layer cotton and cotton/polyester (middle layer) and all will come with a removable wire in the nose section to make them that little more snug.

Price – $27.00 including standard postage within Australia. Please contact us directly for international orders.

Now (we have so many excuses), we haven’t had time to set up a shopping cart etc for all these colours. You can do this two ways – place an order via this page and state your shape and colour preference in your pay pal instructions (i.e., Fitted or Rectangle, Margaret Olive) or you can email us and do the same (and be nosey and ask if there’s any other colours).

Colours are:

Neutrals –

Neutrals (from left):
Margaret – Black, Lily – Olive, Skandi – Faded Char, Margaret – Olive


Brights (clockwise from top right):
Atom – Green, Skandi – Purple, Atom – Orange
Spot – Orange, Spot – Lime, Stripe – Burnt Yellow.

And finally – Please Note – these are not surgical masks and should not be used as such. They will help keep you and others safe in the street etc but they are not for professional use.

Wash between use and dry completely before wearing.

That’s it, any questions, call or email us…