1958 Constellation Stamp

Bob’s favourite stamp to date! Originally released in 1958, this stamp features an image of a Lockheed Super Constellation, one of our favourite aeroplanes! Printed in Navy on a Linen/Cotton base, the cover measures 30 x 50 cm and has a white ticking print back. The price of $50.00 (cover only) includes freight within Australia. Please contact us for International Orders or alternative colours....

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1913 Kangaroo Stamp

Originally released in 1913, this was one of the first stamps released after the federation of Australia. We’ve taken some liberty with colour and size and printed it on a 40cm cushion! Printed on a hemp/cotton blend with a charcoal ticking print back. These days it costs $45.00 including postage within Australia. Price is for cover only, insert not included. Please contact us for international or special colour orders (we nearly always have variations in stock!)....

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Sydney Beaches – Gelato

A little snapshot of the Sydney beaches found south of the harbour. Not all of them but as many as we could sensibly fit on one cushion! Printed in Gelato colours on a Cotton/Linen blend this cushion measures 49 cm and is backed with a white ticking stripe print. The price is for cover only and includes postage within Australia. Please email us for international or ‘insert included’ orders....

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Round and round we go!

Here’s some fun – limited edition round cushions! Only ever one of each colour so they’re shown as ‘out of stock’. Email or call bob to find out what is in the store room (or give us a request!). Each measures approximately 45cm across. Price includes custom insert and postage within Australia. Item not available as an online order, please email....

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AU$$55 -$70.00

Mono Geometrics

Just finished and available in several sizes 40 – 50cm square. Not yet on line but if you email bob I’ll let you know what is in stock. Printed on Cotton/Linen, two sided with a zip enclosure. Prices are for cover only and include freight....

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Adelaide Beaches Tea Towel – Black

Bob’s ode to the glorious beaches of Adelaide. Not all of them but as many as we could sensibly fit on one tea towel! Printed in black on flax linen. Price includes postage within Australia. Please email us for international...

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