About bob window

Driven by a passion for vintage textiles, bob window yearns for cloth that has spent decades lying dormant waiting to once again grace the homes of like minded souls. Whether it be that kitsch souvenir tea towel, that character infused vintage blanket or those vibrant curtains from Nan’s front room, Bob is making it his goal to give it the second chance it deserves and offering his results for all to enjoy.

But it’s more than just vintage cloth, our obsession with the past led Bob to getting out his dusty old screens, rekindling his art school printing skills and producing his own retro themed designs –  Bob prints bold patterns on lampshades, cushions, tea towels, aprons and with time, whatever takes his fancy!

And one more thing – here at bob window we like hand made. All our items are individually cut by Bob and stitched in Sydney. That makes each cushion subtlety different and we’re happy with that, we hope you are too.
And the lampshades – of course, all hand made by Bob.

Want to see to see Bob’s wares in person? You can visit Bob in Sydney at the Paddington markets on Saturday and the Bondi markets on Sunday or any of our lovely stockists.

Follow Bob on Instagram @bobwindow for the latest and what we’re doing and where we are!

We’ll leave you now to explore our wares and of course, if you have any questions or special requests just email or call on (+61) 0410 652 405 and we’ll see what we can do.

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